Public Speaking

Levi has broad experience as a motivational and inspirational speaker. For over 25 years, Levi has been a popular and regular contributor to Gibraltar Radio's early morning programme "Pause for Reflection". Additionally, Levi has been guest speaker at Rotary meetings (in Gibraltar) and at seminars and workshops held, inter alia, by the Lynwood Fellowship and Val Williams MSNU (both in the U.K.). He has also spoken at Oxford University on the political future of Jerusalem and has lectured at different venues in Spain and Gibraltar on subjects related to Judaism. Levi has lectured at Stansted Halls, Stansted and was guest speaker at the Harry Edwards Healings Sanctuary's annual Open Day. Levi's speaking engagements have covered a wide range of topics and interests, such as:

Graphology: The Write You
Wherever we go, there we are!
The Sounds of Silence
Sympathy-Empathy: G-d's Symphony - Walking each other Home .

Levi delivered the Passover Message on Gibraltar Natioanl Television Channel (GBC) in 2013

Levi delivered the Passover Message on Gibraltar Natioanl Television Channel (GBC) Full video can be watched here.

Levi delivered the Passover Message on Gibraltar Natioanl Television Channel (GBC) on the 1-4-2015. Full video can be watched here.
Levi fronted the introduction to the Hebrew Choir at the Multifaith concert to celebrate the end of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The Event took place on the 10th December 2012. Full transcript can be read here.

Levi speaking on Radio La Linea about the customs and history of the Jewish people of Gibraltar.
Full video can be watched here.

Pauses for Reflection

Levi has also recorded a substantial number of Pauses for Reflection. You can listen to a brief preview by clicking on the topic below. Please note that the musical composition and arrangements are by Denis Valerga -, If you are interested in obtaining the full selection of Pauses, please do not hesitate to contact Levi from here.

1) A Better Place - listen

2) A New Dawn - listen

3) A Remarkable Result - listen

4) A Song Is Not A Song - listen

5) At Peace With Ourselves - listen

6) Be The Best - listen

7) Envy & Jealousy - listen

8) Footprints - listen

9) Green Day - listen

10) Holocaust - listen

11) I Have Learnt - listen

12) If You Had The Chance - listen

13) I-Thou - listen

14) It's Up To You - listen

15) Live For The Moment - listen

16) Murmurs Of Apathy - listen

17) Passing The Buck - listen

18) Quite A Statement - listen

19) Requiem - listen

20) Richly Blessed - listen

21) Soothing Moments - listen

22) Spaces - listen

23) Surena - listen

24) Tabernacles - listen

25) Take Time - listen

26) The Eagles - listen

27) The Old Man And The River - listen

28) The Water Carrier - listen

29) There Is A Season - listen

30) There Is More - listen

31) To Know Ourselves - listen